Liquid Light ~ The Power of Water
A film by Mairéid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell

"Through the creative production methods employed by Maireid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell, this project will utilize the interplay of light and music to capture the beauty and power of water in sustaining life. 'Liquid Light - The Power of Water' will examine water in all its' forms; from liquid to ice, vapour to liquid and back again, the interaction of water with gravity and the inescapable relationship between it and the survival of humankind. The overwhelming power of water when utilised, such as extracting energy from waves and converting it into electricity, while desalinating - will all form part of this fascinating and unique review of the water resource."
Phillip Honeywood, M.P. State Member of Parliament for Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia

This will be a High Definition film project incorporating Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

Liquid Light – The Power of Water is a wakeup call for all of humanity. It is predicted that by 2025, nearly three billion people worldwide will face an acute scarcity of clean, fresh water, and billions more will experience shortages and soaring costs for water.  Many parts of the world, including North and South America, India, Africa, China and Australia, will not be able to escape the pressures of an increasing population and a finite supply of water.  And, researchers in oceanography, marine biology, fisheries science, glaciology, and meteorology are revealing that our oceans and waterways are changing in every way we can measure.  Our growing demand for water threatens the world's development and security.

This is a topic that affects all living organisms on the planet, and needs to be addressed immediately.

It is the story of the whole human race, for we are made up of approximately 75% water.  Between 50% and 90% of the weight of any living organism is water. 

Liquid Light – The Power of Water will take us on a journey into exotic parts of the world, on six continents. Hand in hand with local people, we will explore traditional stories that interweave beliefs and legends, rituals and symbols relating to the power of water.

Icons of national character are the thresholds to deeper understanding of the individual person.  Our professional precepts and personal ideas are deeply challenged by stories told by people who are everywhere struggling to make their way in the modern world.  We will find out what they think needs to be done to enable a more sustainable future.

We will explore beautiful water-based sites. Places with intriguing ancient water reservoirs, with ingenious irrigation and drainage systems, sophisticated bathes, etc.  Places where there are water crises happening right now.  Places where organizations are creating solutions.


  • ORIGINS of Water

Water defines our planet:  Where did water originate?  Since ancient times, the waters that flow from deep inside the earth have been revered as the essence of life, the gift of Mother Earth to sustain all her living forms.

  • HISTORY: Human Relationship to Water

Water is humanity's oldest symbol of life, sustenance, abundance, fertility, movement, generosity, permanence, and strength.


Although the world's earliest civilizations had deep respect for this precious resource and lionized it in creation myths, contemporary Western industrial nations seem to take water for granted and view it as disposable.       

  • SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY: The Future

Clean energy sources are at our fingertips.


We are facing a comprehensive paradigm shift in our current predominant attitudes towards water.

Full synopsis available upon request

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