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Lyrebird Media produces short films and feature length documentaries, soundtracks and audio recordings for arts production organisations, theatre companies, government bodies, interdisciplinary artists, educators, and public speakers around the world, from Hollywood to London, Paris, Dublin, and Melbourne.


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Time after Time (2005) an award winning film by Mairéid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell,
with soundtrack by multi-award winning composer, Ben Kettlewell, celebrating the great heritage of ancient Celtic, American and Australian peoples, was screened during the opening and closing ceremony for the 2005 UN Conference on Climate Change in Montreal, Canada, and in many international film festivals, winning prestigious awards including the 2005 HBO Audience Favorite Award Nomination, and Best Documentary Film Award at the 2005 International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers, in Athens, Greece.
Click here to learn about the film and to see the preview. Running Time 7:55

The International Peace Pilgrimage (2005) a short film produced for Benny Zable.
The story of a small group of courageous people who performed one of the greatest peace walks in recorded history. They walked for nine months through the nuclear contaminated deserts of Australia to the killing grounds of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, a remarkable feat by any standards. This film is dedicated to these few and the tens of thousands who joined with them in their march to history. The International Peace Pilgrimage aims to realise a future without the threat of nuclear weapons and waste. The initiative is supported by many communities and organisations.
Running Time: 9:06

PLANET (2006) a short film commissioned by the Australian government Department of Sustainability and Environment for screening at the opening of the first Planning for Climate Change conference, for Government Planners, convened in Melbourne, April 2006.

Introduction to Antarctic (2006) a 55-minute documentary retracing the footsteps of early Antarctic explorer Robert Scott, produced for Peter Malcolm - R.I.P.

Tara: Voices from our Past (2007)
a short film by Mairéid Sullivan ( Controversy regarding construction of the M3 double-tolled Motorway through the ancient Hill of Tara Valley in Ireland has reached alarming proportions. This short film shows that the complexity and importance of The Hill of Tara goes well beyond what has been known about the site for the past few millennia. Click here to see the film. Running Time: 9:20

Ricardo's Law ~ House Prices and the Great Tax Clawback Scam (2008)
written and narrated by Fred Harrison
Click here to see this short film. Running Time: 7:36
Excerpt from the script:
"I accuse governments of running a scam against the people who elect them. I know this is a serious charge. But governments use the tax system to milk the poor. Why do they do it? To enrich people who own land. The scam began centuries ago here in the Palace of Westminster. It is operated by all democratic governments around the world. The biggest winners are those who own the best locations, such as homes overlooking Hyde Park, here in London, or with a view of Central Park in New York or across the harbour in Sydney."
Read the full script here.

White Fella Dreamin' (2008)
White Fella Dreamin’ tells how a young white Aussie family was assimilated into the ‘secret life’ of a traditional Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land: The Aboriginalization of a white Aussie family. This is the story of two distinctly Australian Best Mates: legendary Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil, and Wayne O’Donovan, martial arts instructor and location consultant to the likes of Rolf deHeer, Philip Noyce, John Cann, Justin Saunders, David Stratton, Jack Thompson, and Gray Foley. The film captures a unique sense of the vastness of Arnhem Land in sweeping shots of the coastline, land and sky along with
close-up details of everyday life in the bush, and many colourful individuals, including those who’ve appeared in the celebrated film, Ten Canoes. This story presents a point of view that is pertinent today, by sharing intimate experiences that build knowledge, satisfy curiosity and inspire the joy of discovering the unique riches of this great land. See the film preview here.

Prosper Australia (2007-2009) Filmed interviews with visiting lecturers on the subject of Classical Economics and Resource Rent.

The Real Estate Bust of 2010 (2008) - commissioned in 2007 by Economic Indicator Services, a London based company that teaches subscribers how to accurately forecast the economy. Watch a 6 minute trailer from the 52-minute film here.

Australian Technical Analysts Association Presentation ( 2009)
Topic: "The Secret Life of Real Estate : outlining the history of the 18 year real estate cycle. (Filming, Editing, Post Production, DVD production and various online streaming formats)

Victoria Police (2009) educational video production (Editing, Post Production & DVD production)

Mustang Valley (2009) Filmed, edited and produced a DVD for the newly launched tourism initiative, Mustang Valley.

Teabag Sucker (2010) ~ A short film by Anne Norman (Editing, Post Production, DVD production and various online streaming formats)
Information on the film can be found here.

Lake Bolac Eel Festival (2010) Filmed the 'Twilight Celebration - Brolga Dreaming'

Relaxation for Teenagers (2010) Recorded, engineered, and mastered a CD featuring seven guided relaxation excercises written and narrated by Edna Reinhardt, director of Over the Moon Studio. Soundtrack composed and performed by Ben Kettlewell.

Cantango (2010) Filmed & edited a music video of a concert performance by Matthew Arnold & Steve Warner.

Fujimoto and the Setting Suns (2010) a short film tribute to the late musician and filmmaker, Ronnie Reinhard, featuring Paul Kelly. See the video here.

from yoga to dance for kids (2011)
Yoga Education Resources and kids from Over the Moon Studio present Yoga to Dance with Edna Reinhardt. In this video 10 boys and girls from 5 to 12 years old demonstrate a selection of yoga postures that are artfully arranged into 4 comprehensive yoga sequences. Purchase the DVD at

Australian Democrats start Airport Rail Link (2012)
David Collyer, the Australian Democrats candidate for the seat of Melbourne, turns the first sod on the much needed Tullamarine Airport rail link.

Who Am I, Where Am I Why Am I Here? (2013)
This is the first trailer we created for The Roy Tyrrell Foundatio from the DVD, 'Breaking The Child Abuse Cycle', which opens with the essential learnings for any child: Should we teach all children Who Am I, Where Am I, and Why Am I Here, the foundations for any path to the future are automatically laid down rock solid.

Breaking the Child Abuse Cycle (2013)
This is the second trailer from the DVD, 'Breaking The Child Abuse Cycle'.
Like many things that could be referred to as a phenomenon, child abuse must certainly be the most appalling and despicable situation created by human beings. All abuse, sexual, psychological, emotional, physical and neglect, is everlasting in the trauma and the debilitation it creates within all victims.


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Works in Progress

Liquid Light - the Power of Water, an artistic treatment on the transformative power of water in all its forms, as reflected in cultural beliefs, scientific discoveries, and technological innovations: past, present and future. Click here for short synopsis.

BLISS - Making the Invisible Visible bridging the wisdom of our past with the science, healing and peace of our future. Click here for short synopsis.

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